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Going Forward with a vision for the future in Celebration with the National Day
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On the occasion of the 70th birthday of our country, Innopat organized a special day for all of the team and their families to go to the One Billion People Organic Dragon Fruit Manor (Zhuhai) on September 22nd to celebrate the 14th anniversary of our company with the theme of "Going Forward with a vision for the future in Celebration with the National Day".

To celebrate such a great occasion, we had a great line up of activities to get stuck into. We waved the bright red five-star flag and working as a team took great photos of us all in different patterns significant to the day. This was a fun exercise practicing our great teamwork skills while showing off our biggest smiles. With these great smiles on our faces we look to the future and wish the best for our country.

Other activities included games where prizes such as honey were up for grabs. We had a race to see who could be the fastest eat a dragon fruit which Leo was crowned the victor of. Next was the ring toss where our accuracy was put to test with some amazing throws claiming many prizes.Another game that was enjoyed by all was a game of catch in pairs using a ball and bucket. This game was particularly enjoyable which is largely down to the reward of dragon fruit ice cream for those who were successful. It was a great time to relax and hang out with everyone in celebration of Innopat and our country.

To top this, the next part of the day was to light the barbeques and eat together. This was a great opportunity for the avid chefs among us to put their talents to use and they worked to prepare an amazing feast for us all to enjoy. There is nothing like celebrating with a great barbeque and friends.

As we celebrate the 70th birthday of our country we would like to commemorate all the achievements of our firm. 14 years down the line we thank everyone who contributes to the team at Innopat and wish that everyone achieves their goals and dreams.