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The Cover Story of Recycling Times-Helen Duan
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     At the coming of April 26 - the World Intellectual Property Day, Helen Duan, founding  partner of Innopat Intellectual Property Co. Ltd., was featured in a cover shot on Recycling Times magazine of April 2014.

     The cover story with the title of “Taking IP More Seriously in China”  illustrated the interview of Ms. Duan. The article introduced Ms. Duan’s team worked and studied tirelessly in the patent field of the print consumables with “If No One Stands Up for It, The World Will Hear One Voice Only. I Think that Would Be Unfair. The Industry Deserves A Voice” and “The Intellectual Property System, She Warned, is very Complex and need more dedicated research and effort”. The article gave high praise to Ms. Duan for her worked tirelessly in the patent field for more than two decades, committed to settle the increasingly complex problem of patent and trademark regarding to print consumables, participations and professional views in the discuss of the judicial interpretation of the Supreme Court with significant impact on the print consumables industry and also the successful handling of complicated “Compatible with” trademark cases.

      Recycling Times is a professional magazine, which concentrates on print consumables industry in greater China and other Asian regions and is supplemented by the development of the global print consumables industry.



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